Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Update

Things continue to go well. Lacie had her IVs removed overnight and is now running around completely wireless, which I imagine is a big relief.

Lacie's mom Sandy (pictured) departed late this morning to head back home to help out with the kids for a few more days before we return. She was a huge help while we were here as she and I often split time with Lacie so as to give one another a break. 

We are hoping to be discharged early Monday morning so as to make a physical therapy appt. here on Long Island at 11 a.m. Monday. TCI is now referring their patients to a local PT for one appointment with a PT that they are working with that is trained in Chiari-related therapy. This is great news to us because it seems that most (if not all) of our Albany-area PTs know nothing of Chiari syndromes and how to treat them. The idea is this guy treats her once, shows us what to do, and we bring that information back to our Albany PT to show them what to do. Hopefully they'll even give us some handout materials.

We may also drive back home Monday afternoon as there is some bad weather looming for late Monday night all the way through Thursday. At first they were hinting at a small blizzard, but now it looks like one of those snow/rain messy mixes. I'm sure it could change again depending on the storm track.

That's all for today. Giants lost. Bah-humbug! 


RiverPoet said...

Big hugs to Lacie. I'm so glad she's doing well!

Peace - D

Anonymous said...

Lacie & John:
It'll be terrific when you're home!
Girls will be thrilled and it'll be a more comfortable feeling.
God Bless and see you soon!
Tracy Martuscello

E said...

Lace looks fantastic!!