Friday, May 16, 2008

Operation Dandelion

I woke up this morning with the all too familiar pounding of the brain tail. Clouds have filled the sky on this dreary Friday ~ low barometric pressure ~ headaches. Then I remember my all too enthusiastic assault on the dandelions in our front yard yesterday afternoon.

It was the girls idea ~ seriously ~ I taught them last week how to dig down to the roots and then pull the weed from the ground so that they don't grow back. It's now a game to see who can find the dandelion with the biggest 'Medusa' roots! After an hour of slaving away at evicting the all too plentiful weeds we had filled an entire lawn bag!

Pulling weeds from the ground was therapeutic ~ getting rid of the things in my life that may look pretty on the outside ~ they have a vice-like grip in the soil of my life. Removing them is a lot harder than it looks ~ but then the lawn looks more beautiful than before. Seriously ~ I was amazed how strong the roots were on these tiny plants ~ simply amazing!

Note to self ~ as fun as pulling weeds may be ~ leaning my head over and straining to pull weeds out of the ground is not a Chiari friendly activity ~ must restrain myself from a full out assault any time soon.

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lzwitty said...

School's out! Yea! Just wanted to pop in and check on you. Loved your Amy Poehler post--did you know she's married to Will Arnett in real life (the actor who played GOB on "Arrested Development")? Saw your post, too, on waiting on the decompression surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, you know all you have to do is ask. Blessings--Leslie