Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kaitlin's Instrument

I just love Amy Poehler ~ she makes me laugh! here's one of her SNL Kaitlin skits ~ try clicking on the picture below that for her skit about babysitting an iguana.

***Warning ~ if you aren't fully awake yet ~ watch this after you have had your morning coffee!

Kaitlin: And watching this iguana would look really good on my baby-sitting resume. Because right now all I have is for my special skills microwave popcorn, scary stories, bedtime enforcement and now I can add advanced iguana ca-a-a-are!!

Kaitlin: Hey, Eli. As her primary caretaker, can I ask you a few questions?

Eli: Shoot.

Kaitlin: Does she likes to wear hats?

Eli: No.

Kaitlin: Does she goes on a trampoline?

Eli: No.

Kaitlin: But she would let a mouse ride on her back?

Eli: No,wait. Maybe.

Kaitlin: Does she like microwave popcorn?

Eli: Yes.

Kaitlin: Well, awesome cause tonight we're gonna make microwave popcorn and then we're gonna read each other horoscopes cause I'm an Aquarius and [sings and dances around]this is the dawn of the new Aquarius, age of Aquarius!! AQUARIUS!!! AQUARIUUUUUUUS!![right on Rick's ear]

Kaitlin: I know, cause one time I was wearing Christmas lights as a belt and my jeans were still wet and when I plugged my belt i got sh-o-o-o-cked and I had total amnesia for like one minute and I said to Jesus:"If this is my time to wipe my slate clean, please give me a new identity where I work at Diary Queen and I can get on a mic and call people's names when their burgers are ready. Cheryl!, your burger is ready! Thomas!, come get your peanut butter parfait. Rick!,your cheeseburger's ready",[in his ear] Rick!, Rick!, Rick!

Kaitlin: Rick can Miss Reba stay in her cage? Rick: Yes. Kaitlin: If she needs to be fed, can you do it? Rick: Yes. Kaitlin: Can she climb stairs? Rick: No.


Deborah said...

i have to say....kailin is definitely very funny. it was funny when she was sweatin when it was time for her to take the iguana. that is exactly how i would be....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lace, I was just stopping by to let you know that I'm thinking of you! Take care, Sherri