Friday, May 9, 2008

Brain Tail Comparison

I am hoping that I will wake up one day and forget about my Chiari and just get on with the rest of my life. But then I look at these MRI pictures of my brain tail and can't help but see that I still have a significant herniation. The MRI pic on the left was taken on May 5, 2008 and the one on the right was taken in April of 2007. When I examined the pictures side by side I can see that my herniation has shrunk maybe a millimeter. You can click on the picture and see the zoomed version. The bottom of my cerebellum seems to be at the top of my C2 instead of at the bottom of C2.

So ~ here's to praying that my brain tail will leave me alone and just learn how to co-exhist with me. Random note ~ I have got to have the weirdest shaped head ~ I'll be I would be good at carrying things on my head!

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Katie said...

Lace- One of the first things I noticed was that your brain looks SO much healthier on the left. Your ventricle is smaller, your brain stem is much less smooshed and while I'm sure it's still not comfortable, there is such a great overall difference, even for the non-localized change in the herniation. That's awesome. I'll be honest that I have been doubtful of the tethered cord connection, but these pictures really make it a little more real for me. Thanks for that perspective.

That said, I'm sure it still sucks to have it there (though decompressed, mine is still to c-2), and I hope that it doesn't cause you too much trouble and that you go on to live a great happy life.