Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Human Barometer ~ Another Fun Chiari Talent

Ok ~ 'UNCLE' ~ I have had quite enough of the low pressure fronts that keep shrouding the Capital District Region~ enough already!!! Having a Chiari brain tail has turned me into a human barometer ~ TRUE STORY ~ seriously ~ Galileo would be proud.

Galileo - Indigo Girls

If there was some way that us Chiarians could make a living out of telling weather forcasters that there's a low pressure front headed our way ~ maybe it would make the pain not so painful ~ right?! My head has been pounding for over a week now ~ hoping the weekend will bring some relief. I am far from even being able to grasp how this whooseedo over at the left works ~ but I do know that low atmospheric pressure = pressure build up in my noggin = headaches! *sigh*

"How the barometer works:

While not as accurate as modern day aneroid barometers, the principle of the early Water Barometer is sound. When atmospheric pressure decreases, the fluid is pulled upward toward the top of the barometer tube (low pressure). As atmospheric pressure increases, the fluid is "pushed down" (high pressure). Standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 29.92".

I am soooo looking foward to some escapism tomorrow night with a TWO hour Grey's Anatomy finale ~ it's the little things that matter like good TV!


Puglet said...

even after being decompressed, I'm still a bit of a barometer..which provided much amusement while in India. " Gonna rain" i say, and everyone stares at the dusty fields and bright sky and looks at me like I'm stupid. But pre surgery..the weather changes, i'd hide in bed for a week..ow!

April B. said...

The one that just came through the DC region tonight almost killed me... Now I can think again!

Chiari is just a riot...