Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Green Men

Since the X-Files new movie is coming out this summer my thoughts have wandered to government conspiracies & little green men as of late. To give credit where credit is due, I heard a conversation on the radio yesterday on the way to work ~ so this isn't completely original ~ but it made me pause and think.

You know how horse jockey's have a weight requirement ~ they have to be light on the horses backs so that the horses can run a fast race. Well ~ think about this ~ maybe all the accounts of aliens as 'tiny green men' is because they have a height requirement for the small UFOs. What a rude reality check it would be if we decided we could invade alien colonies ~ we thought they were tiny ~ thus we could have a great advantage. Then we find out that only the pilots of the UFOs are tiny and the rest of them are giants! LOL!

See what fills up my mind when I am not obsessing about my brain tail!!!


BillyBob said...

I hate to bring you back to Chiariland then. But I wanted you to know. When you posted about the possibility of Sharon having a tethered cord, you were on the right track. She had Mri's done this morning, and it is showing her brain stem more elongated than it was, and she is slightly slumping into her titanium plate. She is going to be detethered in two weeks here at Dr Oro's place. Your name came up in the conversation with him this morning in a positive way. This network of chiarians is an amazing thing. I'm still praying that your cord was so much the culprit that they dont have to do anymore to you, and thanks for being our friend. Love, Bobby in Denver, not the liver

lace1070 said...

Bobby ~ Thanks so much for the positive feeback ~ us in the chiari community need to stick together to find a cure! I am so relieved that Sharon is having TC surgery ~ hopefully she will start feeling better soon. Hugs ~ Lace