Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Want To Believe

More news on the new X-Files Movie, I Want To Believe. Did I already tell you that I am super excited about the cinematic reunion of Scully and Mulder ~ Chris Carter is already mulling over the idea of shooting yet a third X-Files based movie!

But six years after the series ended (and a decade since the last film),
the new movie promises to be a lot more straightforward than fans of the show
might expect. Written by series creator Chris Carter and his right-hand man
Frank Spotnitz — and stemming from an idea they'd been kicking around for years
— it's a stand-alone story, set in the winter of 2008, that Carter describes as
a ''suspense thriller'' akin to the monster-of-the-week episodes from the show's
early days. Gone is the occasionally baffling mythology — Black oil! Ice picks!
Bees! — that came to define the series. The new film is designed to satisfy the
faithful while courting a new generation of fans raised on Saw and Hostel. ''Oh,
it's a great relief to not have to reweave all the strands of the narrative,''
says Spotnitz. ''We just wanted to tell a really good story with characters that
we love.''

My fellow nerdling,sci-fi nut friend and guest blogger, E, are planning an X-Files road trip when the movie opens this July. You see, she lives in Virginia and I in New York ~ so halfway between the two is Moosic or Scranton, Pennsylvania. If anyone has a favorite place to eat in either of those cities, let me know. An extra bonus for the road trip would be to find a store that sells Shiner Bock beer ~ the Texan in me yearns for Texas beers in the heat of the summer!


Sar said...

I spoke with a the owner of specialty beer emporium here in Brooklyn and beseeched him to stock Shiner. He informed me that Shiner is not sold north of the Mason-Dixon line. Time to get thee back to Texas! There's just nothing like sitting by the lake with a cold Shiner in hand on a scorching hot Texas day.

E said...

I'll try to bring some up from VA!!! Whooo! Road trip!