Monday, April 7, 2008

These Are the Signs of Life

I awoke from an intense dream this morning. In my dream a good friend of mine was really upset and crying ~ she told me that someone very dear to her had passed away. When I woke up my heart was heavy and I was planning on e-mailing my friend as soon as I had a cup of coffee to make sure that she was OK. To my surprise, she beat me to the punch ~ there was an e-mail from her already in my inbox! Sadly, she was e-mailing me from a funeral of a good friend. JTM ~ sending you a big hug across the miles!

You might have read in earlier posts that I have a hard time getting to sleep. It's hard to turn my brain off ~ I believe that my brain tail is to blame most of the time. I have learned to follow up on dreams that pull at my heartstrings. As demonstrated this morning, there's a reason why people show up in my dreams. No wonder I am so exhausted in the morning! I have a theory that other people with Chiari malformations are also ultra sensitive to other's emotions ~ no matter how far away they might be. I know that no one in the medical community would verify this, but I have come to know that the brain tail isn't all that bad!

What a beautiful day it was today! While I was walking along the river I saw signs of life everywhere ~ munks (chipmunks), caterpillars, baby robins, geese, ducks ~ and some of the trees were beginning to bud, too! Much to my surprise, I have sun kissed shoulders to prove that I spent more than an hour under the blue skies and brilliant sun this afternoon.

I was checking out the site meter on my blog and was amazed how many hits I got last night after the re-airing of the Extreme Makeover about the Carter Family. I usually get about 40 visitors on the site a day and just in the three hours after the show aired I got 150 hits. Today so far I have about 111 hits. I am beyond thrilled that education about Chiari Malformations is getting out there ~ being educated about the disease is half the battle. Even though I don't agonize and blog daily about the pains of having a brain tail I am always thinking of those of you out there that also have Chiari. Remember, I still have my brain tail, but it's just not beating up on me as bad as before the detethering.


KIMBERLY said...

hey lacie i am glad you are doing well.. the last post i read you weren't feeling as well. how do i get a view count on my blog... i would love to see how many people are reading it.

laura said...

I'm so glad you are feeling good.When do you have a follow up visit with your dr.?
There are signs of life outside again~I certainly think having to be in the ouse most of the winter tends to bring a person down so I too am looking forward to getting out.I'm so jealous of you sun kissed shoulders and your walk along the river.
Have a very blessed day,

Lisa said...

Hi Lace,
I emailed you this morning before I read your blog. I see now that you have been walking the trail as I imagined you would be! Sounds wonderful. Thanks for continuing to share your inspiring and hopeful journeys with everyone!!! Talk to you soon!

Puglet said...

Firstly..thank you for your newest comment. I need that now

Secondly, I'm a blog reading slacker, because I'm still hiding from being home.

Thirdly, congrats on being back at work!

And lastly..I agree 100 percent about Chiarians being more empathetic to others. the brain is mysterious. Ours are/were smushed. Makes sense to me