Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holder of Precious Things ~

My first week back at work was a little rough on my body both physically and mentally. Getting up at 5:45 am was definitely a rude awakening since I was used to rolling out of bed whenever I felt like it for 3 months. Sitting in a rolling chair all day also took it's toll as I worked on finding way of sitting that was the least painful position. I have found out this week that I am finally able to discern and define the differences symptoms of a tethered cord and chiari/cranial settling effects.

Although the tingling/numbness in my arms and legs is gone I am still feeling stiffness and pain in my neck and the back of my head. This next week will be a doosy as the weather forecast is calling for a low pressure front to settle like a blanket over our area and bring rain off and on all week long. But on the brighter side of things I found a new and fun website yesterday. For an avid movie/TV watcher it's been fun exploring all kinds of old and new tv/movie clips. Check it out for yourself ~ .

Here are some of my favs so far ~

Spoiler Alert ~ If you haven't seen JUNO yet don't watch the clip below.

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E said...

Mmmmmmmommmy. I've seen that scene from XF more than a few times....