Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shout to the Lord ~ Idol Gives Back

In a world that censors and tries to keep Jesus out of the school system ~ what an amazing victory as American Idol contestants sang Shout to the Lord on national TV this week.


Linda said...

This song is so moving. No matter what we face each day if we just hold strong to our faith we can overcome anything this world throws our way. Praise God!

Queli said...

Wasn't it awesome!!!!
Interesting to hear a Christian song on a show called Idol. lol.
But loved it.

lzwitty said...

As soon as I recognized the song, the first thing I said was, "I can't believe they're singing this." It truly was a wonderful surprise that not only did they sing it, but they did so without apology or explanation. I was thrilled and amazed. Hope you're feeling better! Leslie

Caroline said...

I was surprised to hear it too but thrilled. I was equally surprised that Simon didn't have something to say about it.

I remember last year when Carrie Underwood sang "Jesus take the wheel" he had some snarky comment about it.

Anyway, they did a wonderful job of the song and I found it very moving to hear on national TV.