Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In a world where there is a lot of bad things in the news, I frequently read the Wonderful News headlines. This one in particular ticked my funny bone and reminded me of my brain tail. Pepe Le Pew has stuck his head in a mayonnaise jar and can't get it out (this isn't the first time that containers have been deemed as not 'skunk friendly') ~ same story with my brain tail dawdling too long in my spinal cord.

Here is some random trivia that I have learned about this week ~ proof that even though my brain is falling out of my head, I am still learning stuff! Do you know which side of the car that your gas tank is on? Save yourself some embarrassment next time you borrow someones Jeep or drive a rental car. You see that little arrow next to the gas tank picture? That's which side your gas tank is on. True Story!

OK ~ I am a Native Texan ~ I know a lot about Texas history ~ but when it comes to NY ~ I am no so savvy. So ~ Columbus Day was on Monday ~ schools were closed, as was the Italian Bakery across the street from my office. Why, you ask? I'll tell ya ~ it was Columbus Day! If you are a Texan, you are probably shaking your head, WHAT? I don't get it! That was me ~ until my co-workers (sorry ~ I just couldn't resist sticking that awesome link in there ~ my co-workers are brilliant and we all have a really sick sense of humor ~ that image just makes me laugh!) got me up to speed on my NY history. Chris Columbus was Italian ~ of course ~ now I understand!

Who knew that a bear (click the link for the whole story) could sleep under a bridge? This not so little fella was scared by the oncoming cars on the bridge and fell ~ only to catch himself and crawl to the safety of the ledge underneath the bridge. After all was said and done, he was lowered down to safety in a net.

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