Friday, October 5, 2007

Operation Sleepover Survival Mode

I think I seriously should have my head checked! I had a moment when I thought the only thing that mattered was to give my youngest daughter an uber pajama/sleepover party. My heart was in the right place, but my head, not so much!

So, I enthusiastically sent out 18 invitations ~ EIGHTEEN! Remembering b-day parties in the past I knew I could count on about half to RSVP and then some more would drop out at the last minute. Well, as of last night ~ it looks like 16 kids are coming ~ not counting my two darling daughters.

So ~ with the help of my dear husband and fun & with-it Mom, we will manage to pull off the party of the year! Hey ~ if I actually survive the weekend, maybe brain surgery won't look so daunting!


Queli said...

Brain surgery is a piece of cake. Believe me, I have had six now :P
Sleep overs with that is another story.
I don't have kids, but I do have a couple of nieces....and have hosted such events.
For six I am thinking a dress up party. Go to the dollar store and pick up some little girl make up packs, and some accessories (bangle braclets, clip on earrings, fake glasses, boas...)
And let them have a go at it.
And if you have the $$, rent a small kareoke machine.
These gals are still young enough to not need alcohol to still be able to sing freely.
Or at the dollar store could get some finger paints, and some smocks. Finger painting is fun for all ages, and it is something that the girls probablly don't get to do much of because of the possible mess. But I have found that one of my old t-shirts fits like a dress on my niece, and newpapers or plastic keeps the fun time from becoming a disaster when it is time to clean up.
Anyhow, just some ideas....but I am sure you will find a way to keep them amused.
Have a great time, and remember....they all go home on Sunday.

Queli said...

Oh, and ativan.
For you, not the girls (unless you get prior parental consent, and in that case I suggest benydryll)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hope the party went well. I sure remember those days when Kara was little and I did the same thing you did....(too many girls) and up all night lol. I'm thinking of you! Love, Sherri

John said...

You did great, hun! The party was a big success and I don't think we were even too stressed about in along the way. Great job with the planning. We make a great team!!