Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the Mountains Again

Last week I had the chance to steal away with my husband and celebrate our anniversary early. We had most of the day to wander around the Adirondack wilderness. I don't know what it is about being up in the high peaks region, but I can't help myself ~ my feet want to wander into the mountains.

So ~ keeping in mind that I had vertigo, I tested myself to see if I could still climb. I took my time ~ enjoyed the beauty of the fall foliage ~ hugged a tree every now and then ~ talked to the brother rocks and sister trees. The view from the top was incredible and so peaceful. My experience that afternoon confirmed what I had already decided in my mind ~ I simply can't live life without being able to climb again ~ surgery will put me on the path again to climbing all 46 high peaks. I have a goal.

We took some neat pictures while on the hike and I will post some soon, but in the meanwhile, I found this link of someone who climbed the same mountain later that week ~ enjoy.

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