Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Trying To Find It

My youngest daughter's birthday was yesterday. Since things have been super busy around our house, I had waited until the last possible moment to purchase her gift. So ~ I had a two hour window between dropping her off at cheer practice and picking her up. Time was of the essence.

Apparently these little fur balls are the latest craze ~ on E-Bay there were 91 items listed! I went to three stores ~ no Fur Berries in site. I was quickly running out of time ~ I was going to have to break down and actually talk with someone at the Customer Service desk as Toys R Us. I was desperate ~ they heard my plea for help ~ One of the employees scoured the store and came back with the one, lone fur berry left in the store. I was saved ~ I had found what I was looking for and the look on my child's face when she opened the gift was priceless! BTW ~ since the guy that found the toy was Phil ~ we named the Fur Berry 'Phil', too. Awe ~

Not only was this a successful mission, I discovered that even though my brain is falling out of my head, I can still drive at night and find where I am going. All it takes is some time and a lot of turning around. You see, I can't see that well at night ~ I am hoping that after my decompression my vision will improve. So driving at night, looking for a store with a vague address can be a total setup for a stressful event.

But ~ I had a mission and tried to stay focused. The more I drove around ~ looking for the toy store, the more turned around I became. I would pass the street I should have turned on, so I would take a left, turn around and then turn left again instead of right ~ talk about short term memory! I just had to laugh at myself and pat myself on the back for being out there to begin with.

So ~ note to self ~ next time ~ let someone else drive!


Deborah said...

or....hopefully get the surgery pretty soon so you won't have to worry that your brain is falling out anymore. i hope that all works out for you soon.

lzwitty said...

It's great that you were able to find your daughter's gift--what a great feeling! I saw on your countdown clock that you have an appt. on Oct. 18 with a neurosurgeon. Are you going to TCI or somewhere else? (Forgive me if you've already told me--my short term memory still leaves a lot to be desired :)

lace1070 said...

Izwitty ~ i have an appointment with surgeon #5 on Thursday. He's in network and has studies under Dr. Milorat ~ so I have high hopes. ~Lace