Sunday, October 28, 2007

It All Comes Down to DNA

Distant ~ quiet ~ mulling things over ~ Sometimes I just need some time and space to think. The deadline for my second level appeal is coming up in a couple of weeks ~ I need to be prepared to present my case. The first time I appealed my request for out-of-network surgery, the door was slammed in my face. Thinking back ~ I am sure that the powers that be looked at my file ~ saw my request and quickly denied me. Their thoughts were ~ she needs a garden variety decompression and we have someone in-network who can do that for her. On the contrary, my case is not even in the same galaxy as the garden variety surgery! So now ~ I am digging deep within myself so that the information I present is convincing enough to get the green light to TCI.

I still remember a college professor's comments on one of my final history exams. He was completely blown away by my essays on the final and he was convinced that I was an English major. (In reality, I was probably using grandiose words to try to cover up the fact that I wasn't completely prepared for the exam!) Seriously, the man was moved to tears by my essay ~ we are talking about history here ~ not a romance novel. Anyway ~ my point is, apparently my writing can have that effect on people every now and then. So, I will attempt to 'move' the powers that be ~ to help them walk a mile in my shoes ~ to show them my point of view.

The outcome will be up to them, but I am clearly praying for nothing short of a MIRACLE! I am looking for the express train ~ the fast track to TCI. Meanwhile ~ I am in the process of getting an appointment with a geneticist so that I will have concrete, medical proof that I have Ehlers Danlos. Nothing in this process has been speedy. With that in mind, if I actually secure an appointment with this geneticist I will be lucky if I get an appointment any time soon. You see, they are scheduling appointments FOUR months out right now ~ you do the math ~ we are talking MARCH of 2008. So ~ all along, everything has been leading up to focus on the building blocks of life ~ DNA. I may find out more about myself from a geneticist that I ever wanted to know.

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