Monday, June 18, 2007

Survived the Move!

We all survived the big move over the weekend. Everything went as smooth as possible. Most boxes are already unpacked and things have been put away ~ maybe not in their permanent place ~ but out of site. I have no idea where I got all of the energy I needed to get things done ~ I figure I will probably crash some time soon.

The house feels like a good fit ~ it almost feels like we are staying at a vacation house. I have always wanted a house that was big enough so that we could have lots of friends and family over ~ I want the kids to feel comfortable having their friends over to hang out ~ sleepovers ~ blizzard parties ~ pool parties ~ I think we have finally found the right place for all of these things to happen.

No new updates from the land of insurance. They are reviewing my request to have the tethered cord surgery locally ~ hey ~ is it just me or is this really silly ~ they are the ones who denied my request to have the surgery done at TCI ~ They suggested that I see a local neurosurgeon and have the procedure done here ~ and now they have to approve their own suggestion?!? Also ~ I haven't even seen a spinal surgeon yet ~ LOL!

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