Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Different Point of View

The daily commute ~ we all have one ~ some travel only a couple of miles down the road ~ others drive clear across town. My commute route has been via the highways. Up until yesterday, I welcomed the 30 minute drive. It gave me time to clear my head for the day; however, since I had to deal with the nuances with driving through toll-ways, there was always a little bit of chaos involved.

Now, my perspective on the daily commute has changed from highway to a river road (looks similar to the picture). I put the windows down, breathe in the fresh summer air, hear the birds tweeting ~ you get the picture ~ it's nice and relaxing. What an unexpected gift.


E said...

So many people don't see the gifts in the ordinary. You are so fortunate.

EDITH said...

with all those success stories there is only one from TCI . hummmmmmmmmmm interesting