Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Second Breakfasts and Third Opinions

Anyone who has seen the movie, Groundhog Day, knows what I am talking about ~ the same day keeps repeating itself over and over again! Now I am familiar with second opinions and second breakfasts

Pippin: "What about breakfast?"

Strider: "We've already had it."

Pippin: "We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" [Strider walks away.]

Merry: "Don't think he knows about second breakfast Pip."

Pippin: "What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them doesn't he?"

Merry: "I wouldn't count on it."


~ but a third opinion ~ a third neurosurgeon!?! Actually, this will be the FOURTH! I am quickly becoming the poster child for jumping through hoops for the insurance company.

It appears that I will soon get the very special privilege of meeting a neurosurgeon who specializes in tethered cord surgeries ~ can't wait ~ I am super excited! If there were a bright side to all of this, it would be easier to get the surgery done locally. So ~ here I am ~ doing my part ~ jumping through hoops ~ preparing my fields for rain ~ waiting with great expectation to see what miracles God will do next!


E said...

Let me know if one of the neurosurgeons you meet is nice, single, and very Catholic. I'll come sit by your beside...

lace1070 said...

E ~ I'll make sure to ask my new doc if he's Catholic!! You are a nut!

Puglet said... left a link to your lair!

I am in the possible tethered cord syndrome boat myself, but never went the TCI route. I say..if possible, don't have more than one surgery if you can help it. I'm 6 months post op and the idea of doing anything even remotely like this again freaks me out. Good news? At 6 months post op I'm doing better than I could have imagined even a few months ago. I'm glad you've been able to find something of use in all my ramblings, especially a well needed laugh every now and then!