Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tomorrow is the big mooooving day ~ I'll be off the screen for a couple of days as I wade through boxes! Still waiting on approval from the insurance company to officially authorize an appointment to my newest neurosurgeon. E. is keeping her fingers crossed that my doc will look like McDreamy! Have a great weekend ~


Deborah said...

Good luck with the move....I am sure everything is going to go great...and I am even more sure you will be happy to have that part of your hectic world back to normal. Now if the insurance company just comes through - that would be nice.

E said...

Catholic, obscenely wealthy, and Dr. McDreamy looks. I can trade off on the last one. Just so you know. You should be in the new place by now; I bet it's wonderful!

Zipperhead said...

Stay safe during your move, don't overdo it. Take good care!

Your fellow Chiari/EDSer. :)