Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Will Praise Him In This Storm

I am a spiritual person, but it seems like right now the word of God speaks to me louder and clearer than ever. I take great comfort in hearing the voice of truth. Just this morning at church, the sermon was about when some of the disciples went out in a boat with Jesus and a big storm came upon them. Jesus was sleeping and they woke him up, terrified that they all were going to die. They asked him if he cared about them ~ how silly that question must have sounded to him. Of course he cared about them and wouldn’t let anything happen to them, he was the Son of God, after all! The image of Jesus there, sitting in the bow of the boat ~ amidst the storm raging all around the tiny craft ~ is very comforting to me.

All though I am feeling much like the disciples on the boat that day, I am reassured that He does care and I am not alone. I don’t want Him to take away the storm. Being with Him in the storm draws me closer to Him. I will praise him in this storm. I know I can weather this storm, as I have done many times before. I am a survivor ~ I draw strength from my weaknesses ~ I will endure this time of trials. That doesn’t mean that I will like it, but I know in my heart that He has great plans for me while I am on this planet and it’s not my time to leave yet.

This Tuesday, I will see the Chiari experts, and hopefully any questions I have will be answered. They will be able to give me the big picture on what lies ahead of me. Very soon, I will have to commit or not commit to having brain surgery ~ yikes!

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