Friday, November 28, 2008

We Could Do Something Big

I just love the way Chandler and Joey think ~ they get all fired up about doing something big like climbing Mount Everest ~ then reality settles in and it's downgraded to renting the DIE HARD DVD! Well ~ me, when I say I am about to do something monumental, I am all about the follow through. Brain surgery, let's do this thing, now! Less than five days and I will be on my way to being on the other side of a PFD. Not to be confused with a personal flotation device ~ lol!


Lisa said...

Hey Lacie,
I'm so glad that your surgery will soon be over! You are in my prayers every day and I wish you a speedy speedy as possible with this kind of thing. Let me know when you are home and want some company, ok? Also, please let us know if you or John need ANYTHING.

God Bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacie: I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you ... I am in San Antonio and was looking through old photos of us circa 1987...You continue to be in my prayers. Love, Katie

Overflowing Brain said...

Check your email!

And good luck!

By His Grace said...

Hey Lacie, just catching up on things here...I'll be praying for you on your PFD, nurses and staff and docs and surgeons and the housekeeping staff and especially, your roomate! tee hee...

You have been gifted with strength and courage beyond your own will and means. I know that there is no lonelier feeling when they push that hospital bed through those automatic doors and into the OR. Despite Dr. Remy's big toothy smile, it's lonely with a capital L. Just keep up that follow through, and yes, you will be on the other side of it all, in two weeks, you'll be home and recovering and no more spinning rooms!

My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear sister...wish I could be there to hold your hand, but Someone else will be doing a much better job of it anyway.

love and hugs