Sunday, November 9, 2008

Steep Climb Up Ahead

I am all for mental preparation ~ If there's something I have committed to I want to know what to expect. My experiences in the past have gone well when I have faced a dark situation with this attitude,
Hope for the best, but expect the worse.
I know, it sounds a little pessimistic, even for me, but it's the truth. With that said, my sister gave me a book (Learning to Breathe, by Alison Wright) for my birthday that has been a great inspiration to me and I am only half way through the book. It's a story about a photojournalist who found herself in a almost fatal bus accident in a foreign country. I won't give away the whole plot, but she was a breath away from death and chose to live and fight through her injuries to live.

Last night I read a sentence that really resonated with me ~
"Even in the darkness all we can do is keep moving forward."
This reminds me that all I have to do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I will find myself no longer in the inky darkness of pain. How's this for perfect imagery, yesterday was cold, windy, rainy, overcast, the sun never came out all day. A super dreary New England day. This morning I awoke to a brilliantly shining sun, crisp, cool air. Even after the darkest night the sun will rise in the East.

So, I am off to church this morning, then Skyler's b-day party followed by the Giant game ~ Hey, anyone out there following college football? How about my Texas Tech Red Raiders!!!


Bcorrigan78 said...

Lacie - hope skyler has a great birthday. Say hi to john and the rest of the family.

Brian and maureen.

Debbie Loomis-Earles said...

You have a great attitude and can't wait to meet you. That is a wonderful book about determination and will to live even in the worst of times. Sometimes I see my son make some progress then have a huge set back and it seems right now its nerve damage from the tethered cord. He was detethered almost four months ago but is taking many steps back. I've always told him never stop moving forward because even though at times it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel it's there waiting for you always. Enjoy your day and of course the football game!!

Chiari friends,


The Gyrovague said...

Disney movies have been a great inspiration to me, and here are some of the statements I love.

In the movie Meet the Robinsons the mantra of the movie is "keep moving forward." It is a great movie all on it's own, add that and I just had to tell myself that going into surgery, and now as I continue to recover.

Dori the Fish in Finding Nemo and her statement "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" I resonate with her especially with her memory impairment.

There are many others, but Disney shapes my world view. Maybe that makes me a weak theologian, but when it comes to my personal theology and creeds these make the difference. Add a few great bible verses and meditate on them day and night and before you know it you will come through that surgery so well the doctors will have to say it was a miracle.

So many people rely on the doctor to heal you, and that is the physical part. He has to run the machines and make the cuts and do the things that require the skills. But that is maybe 20 percent of the whole thing. The rest is how you perceive it, how you manage it, and how you deal with the healing. When you pray, when you meditate on that which is holy and that which inspires you prepare yourself spiritually for the other 80 percent.

Blessings my friend. I am praying that all goes so well for you that when you wake up you will want to do nothing but bring glory to God.

Meanwhile, "just keep swimming"