Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Bison ~ Are Back ~ And Ready To Compete

It's that time of year ~ again. Hannah's cheer squad is competing in the Eastern Regional competition on Saturday morning. The team has improved 500% from last year and have really kicked it up a notch in their routine. I am so very proud of Hannah! She has worked really hard to perfect her cheers and routine and it really shows! Her team will be competing against 14 other squads ~ reaching for a team invitation to the national competition at Walt Disney World in a couple of weeks. They will only take two teams to move on to the final competition.

Did I mention that WHEN they go to Disney and compete ~ December 8th ~ there's a huge chance that I will still be in the hospital recovering! What are the odds? Well last time I was connected to a morphine pump the GIANTS won the Super Bowl! Wish us luck ~ it's going to be a big day ~ I can feel it! GO BISON!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lacie:

I am looking forward to this weekend. A co-worker suggested that the following restaurant in Lambertville might be a good place to meet. How does it sound to you? We could meet for a late lunch whenever you get through in Trenton. I'll bring James if he is up from his nap or in a bright mood. Just give me a call when you get through. It is about 20 minutes straight north up River Road from Trenton. (I am about 20-30 minutes west.) The restaurant website has directions...


Yvette said...

I have talked to you in the past and you have helped me with questions on my sons chiari. He is laying in the hospital recovering from the decompression so I thought this would be a good time to check out Chiari blogs. He is so sore and scared. After reading other peoples blogs I am nervouse about his recovery. I am hoping you can help me on some tips on how to keep him comfortable? I am worried about how he should sleep once I get him home. ect... Thanks!
My Blog:

Amanda said...

That is a GREAT picture of the girls!! Tell Hannah her Fairy God Mother is very proud of her!!

E said...

Next to my Meggie, I don't think there are two more beautiful girls on the planet. :)

love you!