Monday, April 30, 2007

Too Open Minded???

I saw this sign and for obvious reasons, it caught my eye. Perhaps I am too open minded!

The latest update on the ole brain tail is that my second round of brain MRI's that I had done last week indicate that my brain hasn't herniated further. This news is a little unnerving, because although I don't appear to have a larger herniation, my symptoms have gotten worse over the past several months. In the Chiari world, it has been told that 'size does not matter' and I am beginning to understand that. Everyone is effected differently by Chiari ~ it's just a weird experience for me to have read all the possible symptoms that might effect me and to slowly recognize new symptoms lately to add to my list.

In case any of you watch Grey's Anatomy, they had a patient last week on the show that had a Chiari Malformation ~ although they didn't call it Chiari ~ that's definately what the patient had.

I do have some good news to share, this time tomorrow, I will be an aunt!

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