Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Truth Is Out There

I know ~ I'm a hopeless X-Files geek ~ I just couldn't resist the picture to go along with the expression. But seriously, this isn't about UFO's or little green men ~ this is about grabbing hold of the truth about my brain tail.

I finally have an appointment with the Chiari Institute in late May. This has been my goal, right? To have the specialists examine me and give me the final verdict on the possibility of having surgery ~ to upgrade the living arrangements for my brain tail from a bungalow to a two-story house. So why does it feel like things are accelerating way to fast for my comfort zone? The power of prayer still amazes me. I totally expected to have to wait until July for my appointment and all of the sudden, it's next month!

The truth is out there, I know it, but how will I react to the TRUTH? A part of me is fearful that they will look at my collection of MRI's, CT scans and X-Rays and say that there is nothing wrong with me. Another part of me fears the opposite ~ that I am on the verge of entering the permanent nerve damage zone and need surgery immediately. Deep breaths ~ heavy sighs ~ yes, my head continues to hurt ~ yes, I continue to feel like I am on a merry go round on a daily basis. I think what I fear the most are the possibilities. In my head, the truth, I already know.

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E said...

"The truth is in you," Lacie. :) And the old adage: "Watch out. You may get what you pray for."

But God Bless, hang in there and know that all your friends are praying for your brain tail to find more spacious accomodations.