Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding Clarity Through the Fog

I was driving into work this morning at 6am. It was still a little dark outside and the river road I drive on was shrouded in fog. What images/thoughts come to mind when you think of fog? Does it bring up feelings of fear or dread? For me, I feel energized and inspired by fog ~ I don’t know where the feelings come from ~ but hear me out.

As I was driving along, the imagery of a foggy road actually shed some light on a dark place in my heart. I think of life lessons in parables ~ when you can’t see the way, slow down, be on alert, follow the lines, and use your low beams. Even though putting on your high beams might seem like a good idea ~ yeah ~ more light means I can see better ~ wrong ~ the high beams make the light reflect right back in your eyes and then you can’t see at all.

*Sigh* ~ message heard loud and clear. I’m not going to know what’s just around the next corner and that’s just as it should be. Follow the lines on the road (the truth in scriptures) and enjoy the experience of traveling through a cloud! Just ignore the fact that the brain fog has totally taken over...


The Gyrovague said...

Easily said, but when the brain fog sets in so much I cant remember my name it gets tough.. but God is good.

2 weeks and counting and no more fog... I am ready.

lzwitty said...

What a great entry. Very poetic. Glad to hear the walk went well, too. Try Dramamine for vertigo--it has helped me a tiny bit in the past.
Blessings, Leslie