Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lil Bungalow, We Will Miss You

We have been entertaining the idea of moving into a larger house for some time now. When we moved into our cozy 1930's bungalow back in 2001, I was 4 months pregnant and instantly knew that we had already outgrown our first home. Talks of expanding and adding on were tossed back and forth, but ultimately, the only solution was more square footage.

Our goal was to be moved in by the beginning of the next school year. We had some time to get our house ready and to look for a new place to live ~ after all ~ it was only March. We looked at several houses that were out on the market, some good, some not good and none of them were just right for us. Then it happened ~ we walked into a house and instantly knew that this one was perfect for us. Before we knew it, we were making an offer on the house ~ and signing contracts. Next, within a week's time ~ we were spinning vortexes ~ trying to get our house ready to put up on the market! (If it weren't for my amazingly handy and hardworking husband it would have taken me a month to get things ready ~ SERIOUSLY ~ the man is talented!)

To make a long story short, we sold our house in 3 days! I do believe in the aftermath of the flurry of life changing events ~ the dust is still settling ~ and I am still in a state of shock. We have a couple of months to pack up all of our possessions and say our goodbyes to our lil bungalow. Even though she is too small for our family, many good memories have been made while living there. She has sheltered us from many a thunderstorm and blizzard ~ given us fertile soil for growing gardens in the summertime ~ provided retreat from the busy world outside her red painted door. We will miss her greatly, but memories of that time and place will live on in our memories.

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