Monday, July 28, 2008

You Just Call My Name and I'll Be There

As I was driving into work this morning I saw a new billboard ~ immediately I could feel my blood pressure going up. Seriously, how can a couple of words make me so disgruntled this early in the morning? The message simply said ~

"We Need To Talk. ~Jesus"
According to the Urban Dictionary, that statement is never a positive thing. OK ~ u are thinking I am totally off my rocker, right? Well I am mad at whoever put that message up there! Seriously ~ if that message was for me I can see someone sternly looking down at me ~ accusing me of doing something wrong ~ like being called into the principals office. I know ~ take a breather ~ simmer down. You see, the Jesus that I have come to know is loving, caring, kind and would never say something like that.

Apparently there were some other messages released in the advertising campaign ~ they all seem annoying to me ~ but I like this one the best, "Follow Me ~ God".

The irony of it all was at the time that I saw the sign, this song, Call My Name ~ by Third Day was playing on the radio. " just call my name and I'll be there..." In a world where people are hurting and searching to find something to fill the emptiness in their hearts ~ searching for hope ~ they need to know that Jesus is just a breath away. He wants to know us ~ HE is the great comforter.

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I have been blogging about my son's journey with Chiari, and decided to search for other Chiari-related blogs. And I found yours!
I have to say, I hate ALL of those signs that are signed "-God". I think it takes some kind of nerve to think you can speak for Him!
Anyway, I really love your blog!