Friday, June 20, 2008

Hello Again To A Not So Welcomed Aquaintance

School is almost out ~ the pool is finally open and ready for hours of enjoyment ~ I am thankful for these things and so much more! But in the midst of the worldwide, turbulent climate changes, the brain tail has been a real pain in the neck lately. I am feeling lots of Chiari pressure headaches and this week my lovely friend, VERTIGO, decided to camp out and spin me around for several days. Wow ~ I so didn't miss those days of constant spinning.

I recently found the picture posted at the right ~ it's a good illustration of a herniated cerebellum. The herniation in this picture is pretty similar to mine ~ even the length of the chiari herniation touching the top of the C2 is right for me, too. I continue to pray for patience ~ pray for guidance and clarity on how to proceed. I got the green light from the insurance company regarding the brain surgery. All I have to do is call them when I am ready and they will type out another authorization letter for me. Whew ~ what a relief to know that I won't have to battle the red tape again.

I finally broke down and took some pain killers for my head today ~ the pain is almost at the 'morphine worthy' pain level. Reminds me of the story about Zeus and his uber headache that ended with the birth of Athena ~
In time Zeus developed a "splitting" headache and shortly thereafter the
great goddess Athena was born from his head. The god of the forge and smiths,
Hephaestus, seeing the discomfort that his King Zeus was in, took an axe and
sliced open the head of Zeus, relieving his pain and bringing forth Athena.

Athena was dressed in a robe that Metis had created while trapped inside Zeus, and the goddess of Wisdom was carrying a splendid shield and spear (No wonder Zeus had a headache!) She came into being shouting a war cry that was heard on heaven and earth.
But seriously ~ enough with the uber low pressure fronts and thunderstorms. Bring on the sunny, breezy summer weather ~ please! I am headed up in the Adirondacks tomorrow as a chaperons for my eldest daughter's hike with her Girl Scout troop. I hope that all of this wet weather hasn't turned the trails into a mud slide. We might go strawberry picking on Sunday ~ looking forward to a rejuvenating weekend. True Story ~


Momma said...

Oh Lace - I feel your pain. The weather has been decent here in the DC area lately, but the heat and humidity is on its way back. Scattered thunderstorms equal scattered brain pain. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Peace - D

Courtney said...

oh that wonderful pressure headache i know all too well!
(recently diagnosed)

Lisa said...


Like my father used to say, "They should put us in a bag together and shake us up!" (Whatever that meant, he had a million of those silly sayings, God rest his sole!) Anyway, I'm hoping that your headaches subside for your weekend activities.


Dee Hall said...

Hi Lace...
Im sorry to hear that you too are battling the barometer headaches... I think all of us here on the upper East coast are feeing it. I know I have. I hope that your weekend goes well and that you dont get too muddy :D...

Be Well

Anonymous said...

You guys just might put the weather bureaus out of business.. Sorry you are going through this baby. Dad