Monday, December 7, 2009

Hidden Treasures ~ What's In Your Coat Pocket?

Hidden treasures ~ those little unexpected surprises we discover ~ look around the floorboard of your car (you might even find a two day old burrito with a lil bit o carpet lint on it) ~ all kind of treasures between the sofa cushions, too. What about your winter coat pocket? When was the last time your looked in there?

Snow fell this weekend and I decided it was OK to go ahead and put on my wool coat ~ the thermometer read 27 degrees this morning. As I was putting on my coat I noticed there was something in my pocket ~ I reached in and pulled out the contents ~ ear plugs ~ lovely. Wow ~ it's been over a year since I wore my grey coat ~ I can tell just by pulling out those little bits of yellow foam. These must have been left over from my last MRI right before my decompression last December.

Funny how an object can cause a wave of emotions to wash over me in an instant. I would have preferred to find a stick of gum, maybe some loose change/dollar bills, a grocery list. Like a sage friend of mine told me today ~
'Maybe God wants you to remember that time in your life and He doesn't want you
to EVER forget.'

Message received ~ What will you find in the deep pockets of your winter coat? Maybe someone is trying to get a message across to you, too.

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