Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Is All in the Heart

Less than two weeks until Christmas and my brain is buzzing with anxiety ~ all those lists compiling in my head and certainly not enough post it notes to contain them all. I have done well with putting on my cyber hat and have done most of my shopping on-line this year, but there's always an item or two that requires actual shopping!

Being a brain surgery survivor, I feel grateful for how much better I feel this Christmas than last. Hey, I might even be able to store memories this year, too. Last year's Christmas is a blur ~ honestly, I can't remember on thing from last year. Maybe it's for the best ~ a defense mechanism to work through the pain of recovery.

If you are reading this and you have a brain tail, you just might know what I am talking about when I share with you that my brain short circuits, still, from time to time when I can't organize my thoughts or when I get a big dose of sensory overload. The holiday shopping frenzies = SENSORY OVERLOAD. ~sigh ~ 10 ~ 9 ~ 8 ~ 7 ~ 6 ~ 5 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 2 ~ 1 ~ This is me taking a couple of seconds to breathe ~ collect my thoughts and move forward.

The shopping will get time ~ I just need to focus on one thing at a time ~ and remember to breathe from time to time ~ oi! More importantly ~ Christmas isn't about the presents ~ Christmas is all in the heart...

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