Monday, February 23, 2009


Helloooo ~ any blog readers out there? I know I have been taking some time away from the world of blogging ~ I am still alive and thought I would start with a random post to try and jump start my muse again. Surely this picture would inspire at least one reader out there!

Let me introduce you to our latest outside resident ~ have you ever seen such acrobatic skills just for a bite to eat? I have yet to actually witness how this creature gets up to the feeder in the first place. This squirrel didn't get to be so full and fluffy by hanging out in a hole of a tree ~ he's spent some long hard hours thinking outside of the box ~ learning new skills. You should see Captain's reaction when the acrobat show begins. He jumps up on the window sil and stares intently at the squirrel ~ I think he's decided that it's another cat and not categorized as a second breakfast. Hey, he's brown and has a fuzzy tail like him, so it must be a cat, right????


Kaleena said...

That's the best and funniest picture I've seen all day. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. Glad to see you're still alive and kicking!

Rebecca said...

Love Squirrels! They are my favorite animals, and determined, they are!! They are much more entertaining than birds.

Leslie said...

I think Captain should be allowed to visit this "new" friend squirril and see for himself. That's on fat hairy thing, and pretty smart. Dad

Trish said...

I find this very encouragin...our doctors need to think outside the box..haha.
glad you are still kickin.