Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chiari Ripple

When I was a kid growing up in Texas, one of my most favorite things to do in the country was to try and skip rocks on a pond or lake. When I grew tired of rock skipping I would find the heaviest rock I could heft and I would hurl it into the pond with great anticipation of how big a splash it would make! Even though those splashes were spectacular I was always mesmorized by the ripples the rocks created ~ those perfectly formed circles seemed to go on for miles.

Now that I have the post-decompression perspective I am still in awe at how the chiari ripple continues to grow.

When I first learned about my invasive brain tail I felt so alone in my journey ~ how could anyone possibly understand what I am going through? After starting my blog I found with each passing day that I wasn't alone ~ there were others out there with chiari suffering along side me.

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