Monday, October 13, 2008

New Discoveries Awaken the Muse

There's nothing like the shock and awe factor to awaken the Muse from her slumber. ~Sigh~ Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes ~ they really made my day. The picture above was the only thing I could think about today. The shock has worn off ~ WARNING ~ if you put your daughter into an MRI machine to capture pictures of her brain, prepare yourself for what might be revealed.

That's Skyler's brain ~ recognize the all too familiar brain tail in there? Hers is minimal ~ 5-6mm herniation. Actually, we haven't even received the official phone call from the doctor yet. I was finally able to open the MRI disk that the hospital gave to me. I immediately e-mailed my pediatrician to see if she had heard anything from the neurosurgeon yet and she confirmed my suspicions.

More later ~ I just wanted to let you all know what's going on on my lil speck on this planet. I keep reminding myself that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. More will be revealed. I just thank God that I know what Chiari is and will make it my mission in life to prevent Skyler from having any kind of brain surgery.


Aimee said...

I wish I could get my mother in an MRI because it would be no shock at all to see a tail on her. All the symptoms, but refuses to do the test.

How blessed Skyler is that her mom knows what she is looking at. And has learned the ropes of what tails do to us and how to cope.

Her MRI looks a lot like mine, 6-8mm. I pray for her during these days ahead and anytime you need help on that mission... I'm there for you.

Conquer Chiari!

RiverPoet said...

That's a brain tail, alright. My herniation is 4mm, but I am very symptomatic. I wasn't until my 30s, though. And it got worse after a neck surgery. If I had known about it early on, I might have been able to avoid some things which I think exacerbated it.

At any rate, knowledge is power. She's a lucky girl to have you for a mom.

Peace - D

The Gyrovague said...

Peace be with you my friend. Many decisions lie ahead of you and your family, none are to easy. I pray for you and your family.

Watching this confirms we need to do the same with my corn nut. He is 7, definitely not syptomatic, but with a dad with Ehlers-Danlos (highly suspected anyway, more coming on that) and a daddy with Chiari (or had, I hope) this is just good due dilligence.

Hand in there my Chiari friend, as always I am praying for your direction.

Dee Hall said...


Big Hugs Lacie..
Try to focus on the big picture.. you are well educated on Chiari and the care that your daughter needs.
God has placed her in your care because he trusts you to make the right decisions for her.

Be Well

Lisa said...

I'm not good at reading MRI's, but if it is a tail, I know that you will make the best decision for your daughter! I am thinking of you!
Sending lots more HUGS to you!!!

Leslie said...

At least for Skyler she doesn't have to spend the years wondering what's going on. And a well prepared mother to help her along the way.

My herniation is 5/6 and cranial osteopathy has done wonders for beating back my symptoms. I don't know what I'd do without it.

lzwitty said...

I'm so sorry I've been out of the loop lately and just NOW saw this entry. Bless your heart. You're so brave to have done this--little Skyler, too. I pray that our experiences as mothers will serve to help our children. I know I need to get MRIs done on all my children, as well. Your family stays in my prayers. ~Leslie