Friday, February 9, 2007

It's the Little Things That Matter

I have a nifty 'hover craft' Toyota Prius ~ I completely love my car, but there is one annoying quality. When I put the car in reverse it emits this really loud, annoying beeping noise! I have come close to wrecking my car several times in parking lots due to the loud beeping. Since I am ultra sensitive to sounds, the reverse beep sounds like a smoke alarm going off in my head. Yesterday, I managed to talk the dealership mechanics into disabling the noise for a small fee. Ahhhh ~ relief at last ~ thank goodness for small miracles. :)

Something quite eye opening happened to me on the way to work today. I park in a parking garage every day at work and have my parking pass swipe card on a lanyard. Last time I used it, I hastily crammed it into a compartment in the dash. So, this morning as I am driving to work I try to open the compartment where said swipe card is stashed and it won't open. It's completely jammed up. I keep pushing the button and nothing happens. I am frustrated and am already planning how I am going to pry it open. It's Friday and I am already annoyed. Narrowly missing the car in the lane next to me, I decide to concentrate on my driving instead of the stupid swipe card. After I go through the toll booth, something out of the corner of my eye catches my attention. I glance down and notice that the jammed compartment has magically opened all on it's own! I laughed out loud and suddenly was struck with the irony of the situation ~ when something is not working, leave it alone and it will open up all on it's own.

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