Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Still Have Hope

I have no explanation ~ why and how can I have a shred of hope left after the week I've had. My brain tail continues to try and kick my ass and now Vertigo is back for an extended stay ~ completely uninvited ~ all I can do is continue to press through it all ~ One Day At A Time. I am sure there are many of you out there in various places in your chiari journey and this might not be the best of news you might want to read ~ but it's the truth. Dealing with Chiari is a life long process ~ but something I am learning more and more is to take better care of myself and give myself down time when my body is screaming for rest. IF I don't listen ~ I pay the price. This morning I had to surrender to vertigo and was grounded on the floor of my bathroom for a few hours as I tried to draw some strength from my reserves so that I could go spend some time reconnecting with a local Chiari friend. We all need love and support of other chiarians who understand how it feels to be a brain surgery survivor and a struggling chiarian. These connections give us strength and HOPE.

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