Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Light Shines in the Dark

I recently took some time out of my busy work week to spend the night at a quiet, remote retreat center. After the sun set and darkness enveloped me I was greeted by a host of busy fireflies. Never in my life have I seen such brilliantly lit creatures. Perhaps they have upgraded their bulbs to LED lights?

Fireflies have always captivated and fascinated me. They have always reminded me of fairies and heavenly spirits. Amazing to me how much light they create and yet they are so small. Since nature speaks to my heart, this is what I found about fireflies showing up in my life ~ May you have some firefly visitors this summer, too.

For those to whom the firefly appears, it is time to trust in your own rhythms--physical and spiritual. Our hopes will begin to manifest, and our ability o inspire will grow. Fireflies remind us that there are others who will respond to us and who are like us. They flash with similar creative rhythms. They will make their presence known soon, and they will make our life more creative and healthier.

Fireflies generate light without heat, a process of chemistry and physics that is still baffling to science. Whereas most electric bulbs waste 97% of their energy in heat, a firefly concentrates 90% of it's effort into light. The glow emerging from so tiny an animal is sufficient to read a printed page, reflecting wonderful opportunities to make the seemingly impossible a reality, inspiring wonders that will be flickering and manifesting around us.

When the firefly appears is a wonderful time to jot down all of those creative ideas that are flickering in our mind through this time. We needn't worry about what to do with them now, for just by taking them out of the mental realm, their creative force is released into our life and they will provide inspiration that will affect us for a long time in the future.

The firefly looks ordinary during the day, but by night they sparkle, flickering like a star. They hold the promise of accomplishing our goals. Spiritual gifts are awakening. We are on the right path, and there are strong spiritual forces around us. When fireflies appear, people begin to reassess their former opinions and perspectives. We begin to shine and sparkle. Opportunities to fulfill dreams, to inspire wonder, and to awaken greater hope will begin to flicker strongly within our life.

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