Sunday, January 22, 2012

If You Want Me To

What inspires you to write, to share life's struggles? For me it's pain ~ pain~pain~pain.  For reasons I can't explain, I keep coming back to the same crossroad. For two weeks now I've been plagued with crushing Chiari headaches. The yo-yoing barometric pressure is mostly to blame along with stress of life. 

But what's the solution?  Unfortunately, there is no grand cure-all solution for me as a Chiarian. I'm still not convinced that a fusion surgery is the way to go either. Entertaining the idea of going to see a local neuro-surgeon to discuss the options of shunt surgery to relieve CSF pressure in me head...if you want me to...


Cindy said...

Hi Lacie,

I just read your post and am so sorry that you are struggling with headaches. It is so hard to know what to do and which steps will provide the most relief!

As you probably remember, I have chiari and pseudotumor cerebri. I have shunts, and personally would not recommend going down that path unless you become desperate. I was desperate, but it has not been an easy path. Please use caution and be sure the ns knows what he is doing! That being said, I couldn't live without the shunt so I don't regret the decision despite the difficulties it has caused.

I will pray again that you find relief and that you continue relying on God as you struggle. I will pray that the Lord will put you on the path that will bring you healing!


John said...

I am glad to see you are posting again, even though it is tough to see you struggling again too.

You will make it to the mountain tops again. Soon.

I will walk this journey by your side and trust in Him with you. You will be stronger on the other side.


Jamie said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Our 20 month old daughter was just diagnosed with Chiari 1 a few weeks ago, 10mm. We are going to Duke University Children's Hospital next week to meet with a pediatric neurosurgeon. Thank you for your blog!

April B. said...

You keep coming back to it because this thing takes over your life...
It's not a little thing, it's debilitating. And no one really knows about it, which makes it worse.

I wish you strength and good fortune.

-April B., central maryland