Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's Your Guardian?

Today, we had our third snow storm in the last 7 days. The girls had a snow day today and the hubby was kind enough to lend me his SUV. Better to put the brain surgery survivor in the safest car during an ice storm. The drive to work was pretty uneventful ~ slow going, but nothing too treacherous.

When it was time to go home around 5 today, it took a good 15 minutes to de-ice the car that was completely encased in a day's worth of sleet and ice. Seat belt securely fastened, defroster on, snow button depressed, windshield wipers wiping away, said my prayers asking for a band of angels to protect me and others on the road, I was finally ready to join the other crazy drivers on the freeway.

The roads were challenging ~ the sleet/sneet mixture had changed over to rain which was quickly freezing the slush on the road. No lane lines could be seen on the road in front of me ~ 18-wheelers and trucks were flying down the highway like it was a dry winter evening. I was a bit annoyed, but not frightened. What's an ice covered highway compared to brain surgery? I thought, as a motored towards the safety of my house ~ surely there would be a fire lit in the fireplace by the time I safely arrived. See what I did there ~ positive thinking ~ transporting me out of the not so comfy place that I was presently.

The exit signs seemed to come into vision at a snails pace ~ shouldn't I be getting closer by now? Just then, I focused on the Exit number sign just ahead ~ only two more exits until I am home ~ but wait ~ a cluster of yellow flashing lights caught my eye as a parade of three plows were entering the highway just a quarter of a mile in front of me. Like leading a charging cavalry, they forged abreast all three lanes on the highway ~ clearing the way for all the cars behind them. Some folks would be completely exasperated if this happened to them on their way home ~ me ~ I was happy to slow down and enjoy the slush free ride to my exit.

I breathed a sigh of relief and knew that I would make it home for certain. Those three snow plows were like brave soldiers leading their people into battle ~ leading the charge must take great strength and courage. All those people are looking up to them to lead, take charge, protect them. Reminds me of a scene from Return of the King when Gandalf rides out with his staff as he thwarts the Nasgul and safely leads his people to the safety of Gondor.

You see ~ all along I was protected by guardians ~ but it wasn't until I saw the lights of the snowplows til I realized I was completely safe from harms way. Who do you turn to when you need a guardian?

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