Sunday, October 25, 2009

If Looks Could Kill

This was the result of me leaving work early on Thursday to pick up a sick child ~ must make the best use of my time off, right? Captain Kirk so did not enjoy the DUDE hat ~ I blame him for me having lost my voice completely today!


E said...


Anonymous said...

Cant blame him much. Did I tell you a little kitten adopted us a few weeks back. Botton-botton, a long hair something of many colors, basicall white angora with black and orange tail. She has a botton of color on her head, thus the name. She was screaming from the parking lot at the church across from our house while I was watering our new tree. I refused to look, but I did and that was all she needed. Soon she was rubbing up against me and saying " please adopt me, p l e a s e !!! Now we have a can the thinks she's a dog and chased Zoey around all over the house ruough housing and wrasseling, fearless. Sooo cute but a raskle. Will send pictures soon! Dad