Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Breathe

Sometimes, a little reminder goes a long way. This time each year I feel the pull of the vortex of activities looming just ahead. School projects, assignments, cheer practices, football games, homework, cheer competitions(GO BISON!) , birthdays, anniversaries. Although, this year is different ~ I don't have a brain surgery scheduled for December this year. I think I am going to achieve my goal this year to stay out of all operating rooms in 2009!

Even with the stress that comes with school starting up again, I feel like an enormous load has been lifted off my shoulders. I passed my Microsoft SQL Server 2005 exam a couple of weeks ago so now I have tons of brain cells freed up for mindless movie/TV trivia! I am looking forward to the season premieres in the upcoming weeks: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Fringe, Castle, Brothers and Sisters, Medium, The Office, Flash Forward, Heroes, Biggest Looser... time to make room on the DVR.

I hope to blog more this month ~ there's lots to say, just not feeling inspired at the present moment. There's lots to say about my brain tail ~ still putting up a good fight in my head, stay tuned for more details on that soon. I am sure the blog drought will end soon. In the spirit of story telling, please leave me a comment to request a blog subject you'd like me to write about.

Oh yeah ~ and one more thing ~ don't forget to breathe ~


John said...

You've been breathing much better since surgery #2, and I mean that on all levels.

From your blog request line - how 'bout a Fringe preview post?!?

The Gyrovague said...

During my fight with the brain tail I kept a stuffed Dori the Fish with me. It was a constant reminder to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and to not sucumb.

Glad you are doing well friend.